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Star Commander - Revisted

A long time ago (around 1999) I created a game called Star Commander using a tool called AGI studio. This was a toolkit designed around Sierra Online's Adventure Game Interpreter which allowed users to create games in the style of the old Kings Quest or Space Quest adventure games.

Being a huge fan of the Space Quest Series I decided to learn the AGI language and create my own space adventure and named it Star Commander (I know... real original).

So after all this time I thought it would be fun to do a VGA remake of this game as Sierra did to some of their AGI games.

I considered using AGS for this since that engine is decide to do exactly the thing I am making, but I didn't want to be restricted to what AGS can do, so I started to port the game to Unity to take advantage of widescreen resolutions, special effect shaders and so on.

I will be posting here updates to the game as I make it if anyone is interested in the development. Here is the first screenshot!

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