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Star Commander Progress 4/19

Now that I have the main character walking around, I figured the next logical step would be for him to be able to explore other rooms, So after making the art for the second room I created triggers at the end of the first room to trigger some code that would load the new scene.

When the trigger is hit I added a screen fader and when the screen is faded out the new scene pops in and I place the character at the correct location.

I also have the character walk off the screen and into the new one when the trigger is hit.

I then added the mouse cycling using right mouse button to cycle between all the different actions as in the old Sierra Games like walk, look, use, talk etc.

I created a TTF of the original Sierra font using FontStruct ( This is an easy TTF editor that lends itself well to more pixel based fonts. Once that was created I added the title bar to the top of the screen.

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